Monday, September 23, 2019

Best Cloud Platform WITH Best Shared Cloud Hosting For Wordpress Websites

Ranked In Top 3 WordPress Web Hosting Providers

 Most of our competitors wouldn't dare show a "real life" comparison against other companies but at NameHero we believe in 100% transparency. Remember, it's your trust we're after, and we realize it's something we must earn. In the below video, an independent WordPress YouTuber anonymously tested our web hosting packages and came to the following conclusions:

Best Web Hosting For Wordpress 2019


99.9% Web Hosting Uptime Proven

In the above videos, you learned a bit about our 99.9% (or even 100%) uptime. Once again, many web hosts throughout the industry make this claim, but little provide factual information to back it up.
Independent web hosting review website HostAdvice recently signed up anonymously for our services and were able to prove our uptime claims, awarding us their Great Uptime award:

Real Life Support Reviews

We can have the fastest servers, the best prices, and the most reliable network, but without rock-solid customer service and support, we have nothing.
At NameHero we also place our team members above our profits. We have created a unique teamwork culture where our employees have a deep passion for web hosting and also helping others.
The best way we can display this to others is to publish real-life feedback from our customers about our support team.
When a support request is a mark as solved, our customers have the opportunity to rank our technicians and provide feedback about the service they received.
Here are some of the recent comments:


    Mark was awesome, he helped fix my issue in record time and saved my project!
    Aaron was super quick to respond to my problem and fixed it right away. He explained the issue clearly in his message so I knew what to expect and how to deal with it in the future. I am very grateful for such professional tech support!
    Fast response. Would like to take this time to thank Sam for his swift response.
    The response wise concise and to the point! Perfect information and a good lesson for me! Outstanding!!
    Very responsive to customer needs
    Mark's feedback and professional responses are superb. Mark is easy to understand and is clear in his explanations. Really a great member of your team.
    Aaron is such a great person to deal with. Not only is he clear and concise but he exhibits patience and the ability to explain things in such a way that I always feel he is genuine in wanting to help. He is a vital link in the Namehero chain of success.
    Josh was dedicated to the end! His professionalism, honesty, clarity and desire to make me understand and satisfied is truly top notch!
    John B helped straight on point! Awesome support, very fast and highly knowledgeable. My issue was resolved in couple of minutes.
    Your team is the best and Sam stands out as a truly professional, kind and compassionate support person!!!
    I'm new to NameHero, so just keep doing what you're doing. I'm impressed!
    NameHero support staff ROCKS! There isn't anything that stumps them, they respond quickly and they fix things faster than ANY Tech Support group I've ever dealt with. I couldn't be happier!
    I can't say enough good things about NameHero and I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone needing WordPress hosting and support! They are THE BEST!
    Sam is a Rock Star! He responded promptly to my issue and had it resolved in a matter of minutes! The few issues I've had with NameHero hosting and domains have always been resolved quickly and to my complete satisfaction.
    I am always amazed at how prompt and responsive NameHero support has been. Having dealt with Go(Away)Daddy for many years and their inept support, working with NameHero is like a breath of fresh air, a highly recommended experience and one I have come to rely on, day-in and day-out.

WordPress Web Hosting Made Fast And Easy

WordPress is the world's leading content management system (CMS) powering nearly one-third of the entire Internet.
Using our one-click installer, you can have it installed and active on your Web Hosting account within minutes and begin building a professional, fully functional website.
Regardless you're an individual looking to set up a blog or a corporation wanting to sell your products or services, the possibilities are endless with Wordpress.
During a survey of our own customer base, we concluded 99% of our customers use WordPress in at least some capacity.
With such staggering numbers, we realize the need to completely optimize our platform specifically for WordPress speed, security, and stability.

NameHero WordPress Hosting Benefits

One-Click Install

Install WordPress without having to touch a single file or line of code. Fill out one simple form and get online

Malware Protection
Complimentary malware scanning and proactive brute-force attack protection. Keep your website safe from hackers.

One-Click Staging
Setup a staging WordPress website with a single click to test your new design/features before going live to your visitors.

Nightly Backups
We automatically backup your WordPress website files and database each night allowing you to easily restore.

LiteSpeed Cache
Voted the fastest WordPress caching plugin on the market! LS cache works alongside the LS web server for maximum speed.

Free WordPress SSL
Automatically secure your WordPress website and admin area with our complimentary SSL certificates.

Install WordPress In Five Minutes Or Less

Being the most popular content management system in the world, we’ve optimized our platform to allow the best experience possible. In addition to all the features listed above, we also offer 1 Click WordPress installation directly inside of cPanel

How To Install WordPress (Cliff Notes)Login to NameHero Control Panel

  • Click on your hosting package
  • Login to cPanel
  • Scroll down to Softaculous
  • Click Install on WordPress (under top scripts)
  • Fill out the text fields that suit your needs (examples in video)
  • Click Install

How To Build A Wordpress Website EASY 2019

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